Data Import

Sets of Monitor Case data may be imported from a spreadsheet file. This facility may be used to load historical data or to import data sets directly from plant information systems.  This is quicker than manual data entry and eliminates errors caused by mistakes in entering the data.

You may also set up Automated Calculations, where data are imported and calculated directly.

The data which may be imported from the spreadsheet are:

  • Date and time the data were measured

  • Feed stream flowrates and temperatures

  • Feed stream properties

  • Exchanger exit temperatures and pressures

  • Mixer exit temperatures

  • Splitter flowrates or ratios

  • Heater/Cooler temperature specifications

  • Desalter water fractions

  • Flash drum temperature or flowrate specifications and exit pressures

  • Pump exit pressures

If some of the data are not present, the gaps are filled using data copied from a user-selected Default Case.

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