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The prize for early identification and rectification of fouling trends in heat exchanger networks is enormous.  The Monitor™ computer program is a rigorous monitoring tool that makes proper and timely analysis of heat exchanger network economics quick and easy.

Calculation Strategy

The Monitor™ calculation options allow you to:

Reconcile input data
Calculate fouling factors
Calculate normalized furnace inlet temperature for a range of cases
Generate cleaning economics
Develop optimum cleaning cycles
Perform splitter optimizations
Examine other fouling scenarios

MONITOR™ Methods

The Monitor™ program methodology is a unique combination of accurate fluid modelling, rigorous engineering calculations, database management and automated operation.

  • The calculations are rigorous.
  • Fluids may be single phase or multiphase.
  • A range of exchanger configurations may be modeled.
  • Monitor™ technology can model a wide range of applications such as crude preheat trains, FCCU slurry exchangers and HDS unit feed/effluent exchangers.
  • Data and results are stored in a database which enables it to track the performance of a network over time and to identify significant trends.


The generation of normalised results isolates the effect of fouling in a network from the day-to-day variations in feedstock and conditions. This reveals the loss of duty caused by fouling alone. Financial analysis includes the cost of making up the loss in network duty in the furnace and the cost of loss of throughput. The Monitor™ program then determines the costs and benefits of cleaning selected exchangers and how often they should be cleaned.

Tried and Tested for Ten Years

The Monitor™ software has been tried and tested in the field for over 10 years. During that time, it has been continually enhanced to meet the needs of today’s refineries. Monitor™ sites experienced a more consistent quality of data analysis and more meaningful results presentation. The rewards are lower energy usage and higher profitability.