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Engineering Software Solutions

Legacy Code

ESSCo 1998-2008

Old programs never die...

They just don't work under XP Pro, Vista ...

(and the people who wrote them have been delayered, downsized......)

Do you have old programs that do useful calculations, but which have not been converted to the Windows environment?

Engineering Software Solutions (ESSCo) can take any old Fortran, Basic, Pascal or C/C++ program and convert it into a beautiful (sic) Windows application that runs on current Windows versions. 

Try this questionnaire:

  • You rely on old programs to do vital calculations

  • You don't know exactly how they work internally, but they're very useful

  • They are not Windows programs - they run under the DOS command prompt

  • The people who wrote them have long passed on to higher (or lower) things

  • Only a few people know how to use them as they have no help or documentation

  • They use strange units of dimension so you have to convert your data and results

  • You have to process their output through a spreadsheet to make any sense of it

If you ticked more than one of these, then contact ESSCo to see whether we can rescue your old programs and bring them into the modern world.

Services we offer are:

  • Analysis of old code to find out what it does and document it

  • Conversion of old code to modern windowing environments

  • Quality testing of old calculation programs to establish their validity

  • Writing of bespoke engineering models

Skills we have are :

  • Process modelling expertise

  • Thermodynamic modelling expertise

  • Coding in Fortran, Basic, C, C++ or Pascal

  • Familiarity with latest software techniques - OOPS,MFC,OLE,ODBC...

  • Many years of experience in delivering programs that work

  • Many years of experience in finding out why programs don't work and fixing them