Julian Shaw

Engineering Software Solutions

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ESSCo 1998-2008

Julian obtained his Bachelor’s and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering at Surrey University with a scholarship from British Steel. Subsequently he spent two years working as Technical Director for a corrosion engineering contractor, a further year in post-doctoral research and two and a half years as a university lecturer specialising in computational methods for Chemical Engineers. The next two years were spent heading up the Chemical Engineering Group at a major computing bureau in London selling and supporting chemical engineering software products.

For the next eighteen years of his career, Julian worked for Simulation Sciences Incorporated (SIMSCI) both in the USA and the UK. During this time he has gained wide experience in many areas including customer support, product planning, research and development, sales, marketing, product development and strategic planning. He spent ten of these years in management and eight in Consultancy as a Principal Engineer.

Upon leaving SIMSCI in 1997 Julian set up Engineering Software Solutions Limited (ESSCo) and has since fulfilled the role of Managing Director.