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DATAGEN is used to generate consistent process representations (yield and property data) for Refinery LP Planning systems such as PIMS and GEMMS. The DATAGEN product is owned and distributed by Shell Global Solutions International BV and developed to Shell's specifications by ESSCo.

DATAGEN uses as its basis PROMOTE-PRO/II, the standard flowsheeting product from Simulation Sciences Inc, extended with Shell proprietary features and technology models. PROMOTE-PRO/II is used to link together oil conversion and physical separation process models into a full refinery flowsheet to provide the core data generation functionality and refinery representation.

The technologist and the planner/scheduler can work closely together with complementary responsibilities to configure in PROMOTE-PRO/II the refinery flowsheet and to keep the process models tuned to observed plant performance. The planner/scheduler will use in DATAGEN the tuned PROMOTE-PRO/II database files to generate in one DATAGEN run, for one or many feedstocks, consistent LP data for the whole refinery or for selected units only. The process performance data is generated in a format suitable for a variety of planning and/or scheduling purposes. The DATAGEN system can be used in a wider context than for LP basic data generation only. It is for instance an easy and quick tool to do case studies. Results are available for review without the need to create lengthy reports.

ESSCo's Contribution

ESSCo have been responsible for the DATAGEN software development based on Requirements Documents supplied by Shell Global Solutions. ESSCo and Shell Global Solutions have worked closely together for several years to deliver what will soon be the third major release of this software. DATAGEN is world-wide commissioned in several Shell and non-Shell refineries.

DATAGEN is written in C++, C and FORTRAN code seamlessly integrated under a GUI which uses the same GUI tools as used in SIMSCI's PRO/II. DATAGEN users therefore experience a very similar flowsheeting environment to that presented by PRO/II.


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