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ESSCo 1998-2008

Two major commercial simulation packages have been integrated with several other software packages via executive data management systems in order to produce solutions for clients. Many of these projects have utilised spreadsheet interfaces, some using ODBC and some OLE automation and Component Object Modelling (COM).

One of these projects involved building a complete steady state model of an entire oil and gas production field. This included all surface facilities, the down-hole performance of the reservoir and wells and integrating this application with several other client applications under an umbrella built with G2, the real-time, graphical, expert system environment from Gensym Inc.

Another major undertaking resulted in a C++ prototype application that combined a major process simulator with a third party product that simulates utilities demand modelling. The integration was accomplished in such a way that the user can move between the two applications in a full MS Windows environment in a seamless manner. The application brings together process engineers and utilities engineers under a common environment with automated data exchange between the two applications.

Additionally a C++ API and all associated code has been created for a client in the form of a DLL that enables the client's application to extract data from Simulation Science's PRO/II simulator and map these data onto the client's "Pinch Analysis" application.