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What Services Do We Offer You?

Many and varied services related to software and the chemical industries.

The business of ESSCo is summarised below. Competitive advantage is based on in-depth expertise, responsiveness and flexibility. Fixed price or time and materials basis (reimbursable basis). The choice is yours.

Consultancy and Feasibility Studies

ESSCo is available for consultancy in their many areas of expertise. Consultancy is usually contracted on a time and materials basis. ESSCo’s broad experience in the development and marketing of software products makes them a useful partner in any software venture.

Feasibility Studies relating to software development applications can often involve prototyping. Prototyping allows hurdles and pit falls to be identified and overcome quickly while producing useful information regarding functional specifications for the ensuing development phase.

Product Enhancement

ESSCo has the education and skills to be able to understand and use most third party application software. On this foundation we are able to work closely with you to identify and document the project requirements. ESSCo also understands the underlying software code and can therefore continue smoothly and directly into the software enhancement phase without further knowledge hand-over or discontinuity.

Bespoke Product and Systems Development

ESSCo are experienced in software development and welcome the opportunity to develop applications and systems from the ground up, either as bespoke systems specifically for you or as applications for general public release. ESSCo have experience in all phases of software engineering from Quality Function Deployment through all development and Q/A phases to documentation and product shipment. ESSCo follows a strict life cycle process for product creation and introduction to the marketplace.

Engineering Modelling and Simulation

ESSCo offers a wide range of services in these fields. Having gained experience with using several major commercial software products in the Process, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer areas, ESSCo are well qualified to offer either consultancy or direct model building services. ESSCo also have the engineering and thermodynamic skills to be able to offer a complete turnkey service starting with an idea and a set of correlations continuing through to a finished, release quality product.

Training, Maintenance and Support

All ESSCo staff are highly professional and very experienced with client face-to-face contact. They are committed to winning your trust and respect. ESSCo have established presentation skills and can generate presentations on your behalf and/or make presentations direct to your customers. ESSCo can offer you a support service via telephone, Email and/or fax. ESSCo will also use their considerable experience in the area of code management to maintain your code.

Technical Documentation

ESSCo have many years of direct experience in writing and producing high standard technical documentation of both software packages and models. We can bring this experience to bear directly to your needs from advising on style, content and format through to production and distribution.